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Ustad Salamat Ali Khan "Bakhshi Salamat Qawwal" an unparalleled mestro of Qawwali

Ustad Salamat Ali Khan "Bakhshi Salamat Qawwal" an unparalleled mestro of Qawwali

Ustad Salamat Ali Khan (Bakshi Salamat Ali Kahn Qawwal), the father of Javaid Salamat and his seven brothers, was born in Khairay, the Punjabi town of Jallundhar, in 1929. The eminent scion of all time great Roray Ali Khan Qawwal, he represents a notable lineage of Qawwali musicians and is regarded by many to have been the greatest human voice for generations. While still young Salamat become a spiritual disciple of Sufi Syed Muhammad Yusuf Shah Qadri-Chishti and devoted himself to Qawwali, carrying the banner of Sufism following the death of his father. He was hailed as one of Pakistan’s most celebrated Qawwal/musicians. Salamat Ali khan's father was a famous vocalist, instrumentalist and Qawwal who was a son of Wazir Ali, a Paish Immam of the Khaira's Muslim mosque. Ustad Rorhay Ali Khan used to perform Qawwali with the Dilruba, a Persian string instrument, and was a Qawwal of his own style. Ustad Salamat Ali Khan received his early education in Khaira's primary school. After passing the intermediate class examination, he joined Qawwali music to follow his genetic roots. He was known as Bakhshi Salamat, Salamat was the third child of Ustad Rorhay Ali Khan. Ustad Salamat Ali Khan Qawwal's family, which included two older brothers, Bakhshi Khan and Mubarik Ali Khan, grew up in Jalandher's village.
At the age of seven, Salamat Ali learned Muslim classical music and vocals from his elder brother Bakhshi Khan, who was also a Qawwali singer of repute and after his initial studies, he picked up some important lessons in Qawwali from his cousin Ustad Karam Deen Khan Dupai Walay, Ustad Salamat Ali was mostly self taught in the style. It was at this juncture that he improvised the "Gira and Boal Bant" to the existing vocal which became his trademark. When aged about 18, he moved to Multan, Pakistan where he became student of a courtier named Ustad Wali Muhammad Khan Kapoor Thala Walay. He continued his music training with the incomparable Ustad Fateh Ali Khan.
Qawwal Ustad Salamat Ali Khan is famously known as the 'voice of love and peace'. He has dominated the Pakistan Qawwali field along with his elder brother Ustad Bakhshi Khan, Ustad Mubarik Ali Khan and his very favorite student Sadiq Ali Khan Sado. He claims to be the 3rd generation of hereditary Qawwals. The life story of Qawwal Ustad Salamat Ali Khan is a journey of trials and tribulations. After partition the family migrated to Multan, Pakistan he suffered severe financial hardships. Despite the hardships, his passion for music didn’t wither and he kept up the routine of musical practice on a full time basis. The struggle ended when he was given the opportunity by Ayyub Roomani and Shakoor Baidil to sing on Radio Pakistan during 1958, primarily as B-grade singer, which earned him recognition within the musical fraternity. At the time, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan , Mubarik Ali Khan, Muhammad Ali Faidi, Rasheed Fridi, Hafiz Atta Muhammad were considered the stalwarts of Qawwali gayaki. It is widely considered that the era of the 1950s and 80s was the golden age of radio broadcasting in the Pakistan. It was during this period that a rich and mellifluous Qawwali voice of Ustad Salamat Ali khan Qawwal captured the hearts of all the listeners through broadcasts on Radio Pakistan. The melodic renditions of classical and traditional Qawwali performed in a cultivated and cultured manner were its attributes and created a storm amongst the masses, musical connoisseurs and erudite musicians. Almost half a century has gone by and yet the voice of Qawwal Ustad Salamat Ali Khan never fails to captivate, he is indeed the unparalleled master of Qawwali.
Renowned Qawwali maestro was very passionate about Urdu, Percian, Punjabi, Hindi and Sraiki poetry. He cites all the Sufi poets as additional influences in his progression as a Qawwali singer. PTV and Radio Pakistan gave him ample opportunities to display his mastery over the Qawwali on radio. He sang Qawwali of all the renowned Urdu, Percian, Punjabi and Saraiki poets and soon their innovative style was appreciated by both the masses and discerning audiences.
Qawwali started to be expressed through melody and Qawwali musicians started to use them as part of their repertoire. Ustad Moula Bakhsh, Ustad Rorhay Ali Khan, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Din Muhammad Dina, Ustad Karam Din Khan and Ustad Bakhshi Salamat were the early pioneers who built a reputation in the field and set the initial groundwork of Qawwali. Later, Qawwals of this caliber established themselves as major exponents of Qawwali Gayaki. However, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and BJS, Bakhshi Javed Salamat have added a further dimension to this art form.
Ustad Bakhshi Salamat Qawwal was one of the pioneering Qawwali Gayaki by capturing the mood of the Qawwali through their compositions. He was a master composer and uses raags which best suit the Qawwali’s appeal regardless of whether the raag is khayal or thumri orientated. Most of their compositions are based around the correct Qawwali structure of a raag and keep the vaadi and samvaadi of the raag in strict consideration. Ustad Salamat Ali Khan's popularity resulted in his becoming one of the most popular Qawwals of the Pakistani Qawwali industry from the early 1950s to the late 1980s. Many of his Radio items have become classics.
Bazm-e-kounain Sajanay kay liay aap aa ay
Dil ko mayray taskheer kiya oss arabi nein
Ye piam day gai hai mujhau baade sunho gahee
Rooh baitaab hai
Yasrib ki zamein Allh Allah
Ay mayray watan teri fiza kiyni bhali hai
Sanon aan bachouni aandi ay
Ghoghat chouk o sajna
ayray mein ishq nein nachaya
Arzo sama kahaan teri wosaat ko paa sakay
Ishq dee navon navie bahaar
Mayra ay charkha noun lakha korhay
Qawwal Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Mubarik Ali Khan and Sadiq Ali Sado Khan’s gayaki incorporates the subtle elements of both Qoul, Kalbana Dhrupad, Khayal, traditonal and folk music. They very carefully embellish Qawwali by using behlawas, murkhis, Palta, taans and zamzamas. Further grace is given by touches of Doaba folk singing. Another important feature of Bakhshi Salamat Qawwal's style is the importance of correct pronunciation, delivery of words are of utmost importance and they never compromise the true expression of a word regardless of the constraints put forward by the musical composition. The mutual bond between melody and the lyrical content is responsible for making the art of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan Qawwal so appealing. In addition he has raised the profile of Qawwali gayaki which was previously considered a taboo amongst classical exponents and reformed it into a major melodic genre which sits on an equal footing with classical. His influence was such that some leading classical vocalists of that era took to Qawwali singing.
One also has to give credit to Party members associated with Bakhshi Salamat and especially Sadiq Ali Sadoone of his most favorite Shagird who devoted his life for his Ustad to adorn. Leading singers such as Ustad Mubarik Ali Khan, Sadiq Ali Sado, Bakhshi Khan and Muhammad Azam Bakhshi are additional contributers to his success. Despite dieing at an early age, Qawwal Ustad Salamat Ali Khan still reigns as the undisputed master of the Qawwali. He has left such an indelible mark in the field of Qawwali gayaki that almost all the qawwali singers of today are influenced by him. Salamat Ali Khan has also been instrumental in training the next generation of Qawwals. His sons Javed Salamat, Nadeem Salamat, Masood Salamat, Ayyub Salamat, Sohail Salamat And Khaushnood Salamat and his world renowned students, Sadiq Ali Sado Sher Ali , Meher Ali Qawwal, Akhtar Sharif Qawwal, Rahat Salamat, Inaam Qawwal, Arshad Warsi Qawwal and many others are following in their father and Ustad’s footsteps and trying to carve a career as Qawwali singers with the name of Bakhshi Javed Salamat Qawwal, other prominent disciples include Sabir Sardaar among many others.
As with a stature of a person like Qawwal Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, many of his recordings have been released by Oriental Stars UK , EMI Pakistan and Rehmat Gramaphone, Pakistan, toured worldwide on an extensive basis and performed in the renowned concert halls of Singapore and Malaysia.

Lineage of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and his next generation internationally renowned as Bakhshi Javed Salamat Qawwal

Javed Salamat, Lead Singer
Ayyub Salamat, Creative Director/Manager
Masood Salamat, main Sporting singer
Nadeem Salamat, main sporting singe, harmonium player and composer
Naveed Salamat, sporting singer
Sohail Salamat, sporting singer
Khushnood Salamat, sporting singer and hormonium player
Talat Javed son of Javed Salamat, sporting singer within the BJS Qawwali music band
Ali Raza son of Javed salamat, sporting singer within the BJS Qawwali music band
Yousaf Javed, sporting singer within the BJS Qawwali music band
Zohaib Javed sporting singer within the BJS Qawwali music band
Samdani javed singer
Muhammad Jeevan Salamat son of Ayyub Salamat student
Muhammad Sanwal Salamat ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Tatheer Nadeem Salamat son of Nadeem Salamat God given talented singer at the age of 4 years
Rabbi Rehman son of Naveed Salamat
Husnain Talat Javed Salamat God given talented singer at the age of 5 years
faizaan Talat Salamat

Javed Salamat was born 1957 in Multan, Pakistan the city of Sufi's. He is the eldest child and first son of Ustad Salamat Ali Khan a Sufi, vocalist and Qawwal. The heredertry qawwal Family, which included six younger brothers and two sisters, They all grew up in Multan and Faisal Abad. Javed Salamat have been leading his family's Qawwali party since his father's daeth, they have been billed as BJS, Bakhshi Javed Salamat, the next generation Qawwali music band. Nadeem Salamat and Masood Salamat his brothers, are sharing both singing and harmonium-playing duties with him for the last thirty years.They are credited with popularizing the traditional as well as fusion qawwali through their verstylity.Javed salamat started his carier as a sporting vocalist of his famil's qawwali group Bakhshi Salamat qawwal at the age of 15, his training with his father was very useful to complete his qawwali syllabus. His first performance as a leader of a qawwali group sat a traditional graveside ceremony for his father, known as chehlum, which took place forty days after his father's death.Where their most of the prominent musicians, singers, qawwal and sufi's were present such as Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ustad Shoukat Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, Pervez Mehdi, Nusrat fateh Ali Khan, Sher Ali meher Ali
When in 1982 Slamat died of pain in his heart, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan proudly took over his eldest son, Javaid Salamat to his fold as his most able pupil according to the Sufi/Qawwali traditions.Most of the lehendry singers, musicians and Sufi's were gethered at that occasion . Javed Salamat himself was trained by his father for seventeen years, and continued his training with the incomparable Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan as per his family tradition.
Built around internationally renowned Qawwali group BJS Qawwal, the team includes a number of musicians from Pakistan and Abroad with over a decades of experience in music/education. Javed salamat, BJS produce a mix of music with many roots but one soul. Performing separately and together, they have potential to draw the listener into the magic of their music and transport you towards an incredible Sufi-Samba-Hip-Hop crescendo!
A live musical fusion with proven appeal to audiences worldwide. BJS is an artistically ambitious, and yet incredibly successful combination of the world’s most powerful medium of music and its most potent and widely regarded spiritual style. The group of musicians from wildly unique musical cultures extemporising and improvising around established themes – it shouldn’t work, but it does, and has already been described as an artistic triumph!
This Qawwali music band collaboration of Tabla, Hormonium , Guitars ,Keyboard , drums, Dhalak , and various other western intruments from the the world and Javed Salamat a Qawwali voices from Kahira Gharana has great potential as a tool in the worldwide struggle for tolerance and understanding among different cultures.
BJS, Qawwali Music band, a project for the promotion, projection and establishment of south Asian Sufi music "Qawwali" through live performances of traditional and fusion Qawwali, practical demonstrations, workshops :
BJS Qawwali group aims to promote the different art forms of music that influence various Islamic beliefs, which are highlighted within global culture .BJS intend to use a variety of performances – to put across the diverse creative facets and portray the fascinating artistic traditions. Javed Salamat leader of the group has been working for more than 30 years in thePakistan and entire England and elsewhere in the world to deliver quality performances in order to promote diversity, love and peace through the Music.

There is no question that Javed Salamat, BJS is a hit with audiences of all kinds, and as such it represents a unique opportunity for promoters and sponsors to be associated with a ground-breaking set of performances that will open hearts and minds around the world.
As heard on the theme to BBC’s ‘Question of Sport’

Javed Salamat as a main vocal of BJS has already received ecstatic responses from crowds in the UK, Spain,France,Norway,Switzerland,Cannary, japan,Dubai,and else where arround the world including many thousands who gathered at the Main Stage for the climax of the London Mela. Other high profile BJS performances included Womad festival France,Spain,and UK ,Manchester Mega Mela; Streets of Brighton Festival; Manchester’s ‘Garden of Delights’ Festival, Basant Festival Lahore 2006/2007. and Malaysia
Several of Javed Salamat perfoprmances as BJS’ performances were televised in whole or in part by BBC Manchester , ARY Digital, Prime TV, Vactone TV , ATV , A-Plus, Geo , ARY, PTV ,The Music , Aag, Play, and Sony Worldwide. They were also featured in interviews broadcast by BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio Blackburn, and BBC Radio London, Aag, and SAB TV. The BJS performances at Melas around the UK received several mentions in the UK and Asian Press, and there was extensive coverage in Pakistan , Japan , Norway, Dubai and France.
BJS traditional and fusion Qawwali vids availble on ,

Muhammad Ayyub Aafi Salamat second eldest S/O Salamat Ali Khan,Creative Director, Music Industry Promoter & Manager, Record Producer, Music Coordinator, and Subject Teacher.
Ayyub Aafi have accumulated 20 years experience in music promotion in Pakistan and 10 years elsewhere around the world. He is experienced at all levels of production in music, TV and film, having been involved in a ‘hands on’ capacity in roles varying from artist through director/producer/arranger to administrator/manager/executive producer. As a Creative Director and Manager of BJS Qawwali Group and Samsalamat He have developed his skills as a creative director and manager/promoter whilst gaining vast experience of the Production/Organization and general ‘people’ skills required to bring about technically demanding artistic collaborations. He hss also delivered popular seminars and workshops on Qawwali music, Sufism, Education and Pakistani culture to enthusiastic audiences from Pakistan, Norway, Spain, Dubai, Japan and the UK.

Since 1997 he has been touring around the world as a Creative Director / Manager of BJS + Samsalmat (Pakistani / British Qawwali Fusion group) , for the last 14 years these activities have been focused in the UK and throughout the rest of Europe. This involved the delicate co-ordination of creative input from artists of radically contrasting cultures and backgrounds; and the catalysis of a harmonious and artistically satisfying outcome was a considerable achievement appreciated by audience and artists alike. He has considerable experience of the difficult technical and budgetary demands of this sort of creative collaboration, and has acquired a reputation in the UK for producing results on time and within budget.
He has recently produced a video documentary and a Qawwali-music audio album with the collaboration of Lok Virsa Pakistan as a first out source producer of Lok virsa and have also produced a documentary and a video of BJS Qawwali group for witch have been televised on different TV channels during the last years. He has also made diverse music and have written many commercial and documentary scripts for radio, PTV and private productions, and he has developed a good understanding of the technical requirements of different media, whilst delivering popular, accessible commentary that is both entertaining and informative.
Music Promoter/Organizer
He has Organized many musical programs as a music promoter in collaboration with Lok Virsa in Islamabad, Alhamra, Lahore. Internationally, he has undertaken successful promotional collaborations with Indus 5 Foundation UK , Sambangra UK, Arts Council of England, Womad UK, France and Spain, Pakistan Mission to the United nation,Geneva and have staged productions at many different venues around the world. Recent accomplishments include the successful staging in multiple European arenas of shows involving up to forty musicians, dancers and other performers, with complex lighting and sound requirements, and audiences of up to twenty thousan.He has ten years experience of music and subject teaching /co-ordination in LesAnges / Beacon house School system, Fuji Fertilizer Sadiqabad and Liberty Campus Lahore.
As a journalist he has been working as a liaison officer for Movie Magazine International UK for the last five years, and as a columnist with Manchester weekly “The Speaker” for the last four years.
Script Writer
As a poet and writer he has written many commercial and documentary scripts for radio Pakistam, PTV, A-plus and private productions, and has developed a good understanding of the technical requirements of different media, whilst delivering popular, accessible commentary that is both entertaining and informative. As Lyricist approved poet of PTV and Radio Pakistan, He has attended many Mushairas and conferences in Pakistan and UK. As a scholar of classical and contemporary literature, his work combines the popular and accessible with a profound Understanding and respect for Pakistan’s rich literary heritage.

Nadeem Salamat, third elest S/O Salamat Ali Khan, Bakhshi Salamat Qawwal. Music Composer/arranger, Vocalist, TV Anchor, Harmonist, Pianist ,Key board player Quaid-e-Azam Scout and winner of several national and international music competition. Nadeem Salamat was born in Multan. From a young age six, he developed a love for music. It was a memorable moment of his life when he performed in front of his father father first time and he said that his son sings reasonably well, he is blessed in singing and he will become a big name if will have a good training. His father allowed him to study music. When Ndeem was a teenager he became a popular singer of his school, he studied under his father Ustad Salamat Ali khan Qawwal, an expert in all kinds of pure classical and light classical and Qawwali forms of vocal music. He instructed him in pure classical music and light classical music within the framework of classical forms f music.At the age of 10 Nadeem was selected as a leading siger of by the Pakistani Government to participate in the Asian pasafic Jumbouri ,Iran during 1997.He has been Raising general awareness, understanding and appreciation of different art forms of music and poetry and promoting the harmony of music through music education for the last 20 years. His aims are high to reveal and strengthen the soul and beauty of music so that it can begin to build understanding and trust in the global community, especially Pakistan’s younger generations.He has been working as a Music Director, Record Producer , singer and Teacher for the last twenty five years.
He has genuine roots in music and arts. And as he have been carrying the banner of Sufi music all over the world since 1997 including India ,Bangkok, Phil pine, Malaysia, Japan, Norway, Spain, Holland, France, Switzerland, Dubai and United Kingdom as a leading vocal and music director of BJS Qawwali Group and solo singer: ,,;

He has produced and composed dozens of music albums of various singers in Pakistan and UK and gained lot of experience at all levels of production in music.

He has been presented Pakistan’s premier music-education program - ‘Music Room’ on PTV as well as on A-Plus TV for the last 15 years as a ‘A’ category music director, anchor and main singer

He has been composed about twenty tale play’s back ground music for various TV channels of Pakistan and abraod.

As assistant and favorite student of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan I have been visited India during the 1996 to take part in the songs recording of different Indian movies.

During my stay in UK anf Europe he has been also performed in various music concerts, festivals and melas and have delivered popular workshops on Qawwali classical and semi classical music to the multinational audiences from Pakistan, Norway, Spain, Dubai, Japan and the UK.

Masood Salamat,
Naveed Salamat,
Sohail Salamat,
Khushnood Salamat